Two Seventy is a graphic design company in Kristiansand, Norway

Web Sites

About web site design As a seasoned website designer, my portfolio showcases a diverse array of projects spanning various industries. I have successfully crafted engaging and functional websites for clients in aquaculture, non-profits, agriculture, training, and Christian ministry. Each project is a testament to my proficiency in utilizing versatile tools and platforms, including WordPress, Moodle, […]

Graphic Design

About graphic design Within my graphic design portfolio, I have demonstrated a versatile proficiency in shaping visual narratives across a myriad of mediums and international landscapes. From crafting engaging brochures that captivate audiences to designing impactful packaging solutions that resonate on store shelves, my expertise extends seamlessly into the dynamic realm of vehicle wraps and […]

Key Ready Solutions

About the project In my portfolio, I take pride in showcasing my comprehensive expertise in crafting corporate brand identities, with a particular highlight on my collaboration with Key Ready Solutions. From conceptualizing and refining their logo to ensuring consistent brand usage across various platforms, I have seamlessly integrated my design vision into every facet of […]

Logo Designs

About logo design My logo design portfolio spans across diverse global landscapes, reflecting a rich tapestry of creativity and cultural influence. With experiences in the USA, Norway, South Africa, Germany, Netherlands, Uganda, Tanzania, Togo, DRC, and Burundi, my designs are a testament to the universal language of visual communication. Each project is imbued with a […]

Drone / Video Projects

About Drone Videos Welcome to my drone photography portfolio, where I bring a versatile skill set to capture the essence of diverse landscapes. In Norway, my lens has explored the picturesque landscapes of Kristiansand and Søgne, revealing their unique beauty from an aerial perspective. In the Democratic Republic of Congo, my drone was employed for […]

Edison Roadhouse

About the project Description of the organisation and its target audience:A new start-up bar / restaurant based on the American Roadhouses, where you can eat, drink, watch football, listen to music and hold meetings. It is located in an old industrial building on the ring road with a large private parking area so that one can […]

Willing Hands

About the project I am thrilled to showcase my collaboration with Willing Hands, an innovative aquaculture company based in Norway, dedicated to sustainable practices and positive industry impact. My diverse contributions have been instrumental in advancing the company’s multimedia initiatives and shaping its cutting-edge aquaculture endeavors. Training Videos: I have developed 44 comprehensive training videos […]