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Willing Hands

About the project

I am thrilled to showcase my collaboration with Willing Hands, an innovative aquaculture company based in Norway, dedicated to sustainable practices and positive industry impact. My diverse contributions have been instrumental in advancing the company’s multimedia initiatives and shaping its cutting-edge aquaculture endeavors.

Training Videos:

I have developed 44 comprehensive training videos for Willing Hands, covering a range of aquaculture practices. These videos serve as an invaluable resource for training staff and disseminating knowledge within the organization.

Project Presentations:

I have crafted 12 project presentations, presented in English, French, and Arabic, highlighting Willing Hands’ impactful aquaculture initiatives. These presentations effectively communicate project goals and outcomes.

Voice Overs and Scriptwriting:

Overseeing the voice-over process for all videos, I’ve ensured that technical information is conveyed clearly. Additionally, my contributions to scriptwriting have focused on narratives that underscore Willing Hands’ commitment to sustainable aquaculture practices.

Design and Branding:

Beyond video production, I’ve played a pivotal role in designing visually appealing layouts and graphics for project proposals, manuals, and stationary, maintaining a consistent and professional brand image for Willing Hands.

Fish Cage Design (Concept):

As part of the company’s innovation efforts, I’ve contributed to the concept design of fish cages, optimizing farming practices for a balance between productivity and environmental sustainability.

Website Development:

In expanding Willing Hands’ technological presence, I’ve played a significant role in website development. This includes creating a user-friendly and informative website that reflects the organization’s values, initiatives, and commitment to sustainability.

Training Website Development:

Furthermore, I’ve contributed to the development of a dedicated training website. This platform serves as an interactive hub for staff education, housing training videos, resources, and facilitating ongoing learning within the organization.

Aquaponics System Designs and Business Plans:

A significant focus of my role has been on conceptualizing and designing aquaponics systems. These designs integrate aquaculture and hydroponics principles for a symbiotic and resource-efficient system. Furthermore, I’ve been actively involved in developing comprehensive business plans specifically for the aquaponics initiatives. These plans outline strategic vision, financial projections, and operational strategies, providing a clear roadmap for sustainable growth and success in the aquaponics sector.

Drone Videos for Project Terrain Study:

I have also leveraged drone technology to create videos specifically for project terrain study, showcasing Willing Hands’ commitment to informed decision-making and sustainable practices.


My collaboration with Willing Hands goes beyond multimedia production; it’s a shared commitment to advancing sustainable aquaculture practices. I am excited about the continued journey and the

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