Two Seventy is a graphic design company in Kristiansand, Norway

Drone / Video Projects

About Drone Videos

Welcome to my drone photography portfolio, where I bring a versatile skill set to capture the essence of diverse landscapes. In Norway, my lens has explored the picturesque landscapes of Kristiansand and Søgne, revealing their unique beauty from an aerial perspective.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, my drone was employed for a specialized purpose – conducting property surveys for an aquaculture project.

This demonstrates my adaptability, showcasing not only artistic endeavors but also the practical application of drone technology in specific projects.

My portfolio reflects a commitment to adhering to legal requirements, ensuring that I can undertake a variety of projects wherever regulations permit.

Whether it’s capturing the natural beauty of landscapes or contributing to practical ventures like property surveys, I am dedicated to delivering compelling visuals tailored to the unique needs of each project.

Drone Videos

About Videos

My proficiency in video editing is exemplified through my involvement in diverse advertising projects, including impactful videos for Seedlittle Coffee and HPC Aquaponics.

Beyond the commercial sphere, I have lent my editing skills to enhance the presentation of church services, ensuring a seamless and engaging viewer experience.

One of my significant contributions lies in the creation of over 60 videos for Willing Hands, covering a spectrum from educational content to corporate presentations.

These projects not only underscore my technical prowess but also showcase my ability to tailor video narratives to different contexts, delivering compelling visual stories that resonate with diverse audiences.